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Global Financial Inclusion for Africans a Step Closer with Snake Nation Funding from Interledger ...

Updated: Jan 17

Pan-African technopreneurs Snake Nation have been granted funding by the Interledger Foundation for ground-breaking work the disruptive tech company is doing to ensure that African Creatives have greater financial inclusion in the global creative economy via an open protocol that will fast-track the continent’s participation in the Fourth Industrial Revolution.

Put simply, Snake Nation’s funding will allow it to develop a network for greater access and financial inclusion by Africans via Interledger Foundation’s Tier-1 ILPv4 Protocol, ensuring that payments between countries can be made and received easily.

Snake Nation’s funding allows it to develop a Tier-1 ILPv4 Network through its University Society Network as a foundational solution to an open payment system, a key pillar of Africa 4.0 (4th Industrial revolution).

“The Africa.4.0 rollout will begin in 10 countries, driving adoption of the Snake Nation ILP-enabled wallet. Our Tier-1 ILPv4 infrastructure is a step forward for financial inclusion, and for the creative economy in the Global South,” says Dre Ngare, Chief Operations Officer for Snake Nation.

The Interledger Foundation champions advocacy for Interledger, an open protocol that permits frictionless payments and micropayments across currencies and ledgers, enabling opportunities for broader global financial inclusion. The Foundation’s mission is to build equitable pathways to financial access and digital participation.

One of the significant current gaps in the ILP network is access to local African Nodes with the ability to use a Tier-1 ILP capable wallet on the African continent and other Global South countries like South East - Asia, and South America.


NOTE TO EDITORS: Dre Ngare, Snake Nation (COO) or Tawanda Brandon (CTO), are available for a deeper interview around the technical aspects of what Snake Nation is doing and how it is enabling African Creatives to monetize their content across music, gaming, dance, film, tech and art with Snake Nation's VNM (Venom) crypto-tokens. Snake Nation is also embarking on an African 4.0 Music +Tech + Gaming Tour in November and December 2022. (Additional Press Release attached for more on this Tour)


ABOUT SNAKE NATION: is a mission-driven culture content and technology company based in

Atlanta GA and Cape Town South Africa focused on creating access to the creative economy for young diverse creators, as a means of combating youth unemployment and poverty. ——— Media Enquiries: Nomsa Mdhluli at Tishala Communications - 071 628 6231 or

Roy Bannister at Tishala Communications - 082 468 8622 or

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