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International Award-Winning Gospel Artist JRoss Plans Closer US-South Africa Faith Ties with Sowe...

Updated: Jan 17

Multi-Award-Winning Gospel Artist JRoss is planning a Soweto worship concert that will not only foster closer ties between the South African township gospel scene and international worshippers, but also see the winners of a globally-acclaimed gospel competition showcase their talents in the Soweto Theatre.

The Gospel Music Sector is the biggest genre of popular music in South Africa. It has a dedicated following whose appeal cuts across various sub-genres and inter-faith disciplines and reaches a vast audience in terms of stable, socio-economically active viewers and listeners.

Now, JRoss has signed a 3-year agreement with the Soweto Theatre to showcase the best of South African and American gospel musical talent in Johannesburg when the Kasi Worship Live Tour Concert takes place on 28 October, preceded by a number of music production workshops from 24-27 October. In October 2022 he had his first live DVD recording gospel concert at Soweto Theatre.

The upcoming Concert will feature a live appearance by the winners of the US-based Consequences Competition, a platform for Gospel artists owned and hosted by Mervin Griffen. The Consequences Competition has gained recognition as one of America's premier gospel music contests and offers talented artists a platform to showcase their skills, uplift spirits, and spread the message of faith through music. After a rigorous selection process, three remarkable artists will be chosen to represent America's vibrant gospel music scene at the Kasi Worship Concert in Soweto. In addition, local up-and-coming township gospel talent identified during the Music Workshops will get an opportunity to travel to and perform in the USA.

“The Kasi Worship concert and workshops are aimed at creating a bridge between the international market and the townships of South Africa. Our local artists will get exposure to the world, and have the opportunity to dream bigger than just their local communities,” says JRoss, whose music production company JROSSBEATS in partnership with Sheer Publishing Africa will host a number of workshops aimed at teaching township youth the business of music, from song-writing, management and publishing to music production and stage presence.

Kasi Worship will be giving away the first 1000 tickets to the event free of charge, whereafter tickets will go on sale at R150 for general tickets and R300 for VIP Tickets.

“To allow us to give away free tickets to Sowetans, we’re relying on a number of sponsors,” says JRoss, “but the event is looking for a number of key sponsors to enable this important cultural event, and corporate and retail sponsors are welcome to contact our PR Agency and see how they can position their brands with our gospel music audience.”

The Gospel Music genre sponsors can position their brands with socio-economically active upper LSM group audience, says JRoss, which is ideally suited to market to and create brand awareness of various product sectors like banking, insurance, healthcare and consumer goods, making it an ideal sponsorship and partnership opportunity, potentially reaching around 1,4-million AFM Church members, beyond the reach of the in-person event.


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