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News 24: No 'no-go' zones in Gauteng: Taxi industry backs new e-hailing app

Updated: May 11

A new e-hailing app, Shesha, went live in Gauteng on Wednesday.E-hailing organisations and taxi associations, Santaco and the National Taxi Alliance, have agreed to ensure drivers can operate in 'no-go zones'.Both taxi bodies also form part of the Gauteng Taxi Industry Trust, which has a 60% stake in the ride-sharing platform.For more financial news, go to the News24 Business front page.

Gauteng residents have been given an alternative option for ride-sharing apps after the new e-hailing service, Shesha, became available this week.

The service, which means "hurry up" in isiZulu, already has 1 500 users. It went live Wednesday with taxi organisations, the South African National Taxi Council (Santaco) and the National Taxi Alliance (NTA), as shareholders in the company.

Source: News 24

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