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Shesha Launches Revolutionary eHailing Service for Gauteng

Updated: May 11

Shesha, a dynamic South African-owned eHailing service, is set to disrupt the traditional landscape dominated by international giants like Uber. With a focus on safety, unique benefits for riders and drivers, alongside a commitment to understanding the needs of local commuters, Shesha is poised to revolutionise the way South Africans ride and drive.


With an initial soft roll-out in Johannesburg on 1 May with other areas and provinces to follow later, the new eHailing Service aims to deliver with an offering that understands local eHailing Riders and Drivers, giving them unique and unheard-of safety and convenience benefits like fingerprint ID for Drivers and Riders, an equity ownership stake in the business for Drivers and a commitment to safety for all. Cashless Rides and Free Emergency Rides also form part of the unique service offering.


What makes Shesha different is a potential game-changer in that its major stakeholders include players with vast local knowledge and experience of the transport and taxi industry like the South African National Taxi Council (SANTACO Gauteng) and Gauteng National Taxi Alliance (GNTA), all with the backing and stakeholder engagement of the Gauteng Department of Transport.

These stakeholders already play a vital role in getting South Africans to work and school, and the foray into eHailing with Shesha is their commitment to safety, empowerment and understanding the needs of Gauteng’s eHailing community.


In a significant stride toward reshaping the local eHailing Industry, Shesha has achieved a landmark milestone by signing a historic MOU (Memorandum of Understanding) with the Gauteng Taxi and eHailing industries. 

This agreement marks a pivotal moment, fostering closer and harmonious cooperation among all involved parties. The primary aim is to enhance safety and elevate operational standards for both users and drivers, thus revolutionising the landscape of travel within the region.


What Makes Shesha Different?

Safety First: Shesha prioritises safety with cutting-edge measures:

•        Identification Validation: We validate driver and customer ID numbers, facial recognition, and banking information, ensuring authenticity.

•        OTP Verification: Customers receive a unique OTP for each ride, enhancing identification accuracy and trip security.

•        Cashless Payments: Shesha promotes cashless transactions through a secure wallet system, adding an extra layer of safety for both riders and drivers.

•        Emergency Rides: Offering emergency rides for clients with a history of 10 or more trips ensures a safety net during unforeseen circumstances.


Convenience Redefined:

Shesha brings unparalleled convenience to riders:

•        Fixed Prices: Riders will enjoy consistent and fair pricing, unaffected by external factors such as weather or demand fluctuations.

•        Request Anywhere: Shesha’s extensive network allows customers to request a ride anywhere in Gauteng, with drivers free to operate across the entire region.


Driver Empowerment:

Shesha believes in inclusive partnerships and offers groundbreaking benefits for drivers:

•        Equity Share: Full-time local drivers can unlock collective equity ownership through the newly-formed Gauteng eHailing Services Trust (GEST).

•        Comprehensive Insurance: Access to medical, life, and disability insurance, reinforcing our commitment to driver well-being via GEST and Insurance Providers.

•        Bursary Fund: Supporting drivers' educational aspirations through a dedicated fund via GEST.

•        Best Driver Awards: Recognizing and rewarding excellence in service.

•        Business Support: Shesha provides ongoing support to drivers for sustainable growth.


“In line with our ethos, ‘Join the Ride Revolution with Shesha’ we invite South Africans to experience a new era in eHailing. Download the Shesha app, register as a rider or driver, and be part of a homegrown service designed for South Africans, by South Africans,” says Shesha.


Riders looking to unlock unprecedented opportunities and become part of the Shesha community can download the Shesha App for Android on Google Play. Shesha’s iOS App Store version is planned for the near future. 


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