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South African Musician JRoss Wins Africa Legendary Award

Updated: Jan 17

South African Gospel Artist JRoss has been recognised for his entrepreneurial work across a number of disciplines with the Africa Legendary ‘Entrepreneur of the Year Award.

The Africa Legendary Awards recognise the stellar achievements of icons and inspirational individuals who have made outstanding contributions towards the growth and development of Nigeria and the African continent at large. The award celebrates the exceptional leadership, innovation, and dedication of individuals who have made significant impacts in various fields such as business, politics, education, arts and culture, sports, and social entrepreneurship.

The award was presented at a glitzy gala event at the Sheraton Hotel, Abuja Nigeria on Saturday night and follows the recent announcement that JRoss will be hosting his ‘Kasi Worship Concert’ at the Soweto Theatre, South Africa in late October.

JRoss’ impact on the Gospel music scene can be seen through the success of his music company JROSSBEATS, which will host a number of music-business workshops alongside his concert tour. These workshops are intended to create opportunities and share knowledge with African youth looking to get into the music business.

As a further testament to JRoss’ impact and philanthropy in this sector, he will give away free 1000 tickets to the first registered to his upcoming faith concert. The Kasi Worship event in Soweto will also serve to foster closer ties with the US Gospel music industry and provide opportunities for local artists to showcase their talents in the US.

In accepting the Award, the inspirational artist said: “This award is not just a personal achievement; it symbolizes a shared vision and a collective effort to bring about positive change in Africa. It is a call to action, a reminder of the responsibility we have as leaders and change-makers to create a more inclusive, prosperous, and equitable Africa.”

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