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What do PR agencies need from their clients?

Updated: Jan 19

Most businesses will view their PR agency as an extension of their own team. They trust their agency’s opinion, view them as a reliable source and understand that they need to invest some time in order for their agency to understand what their business is all about and gain the best results.

But what exactly does a PR firm need from their client? Here are several things PR agencies need from their client in order to ensure their campaign is successful.

1. Time One of most important things needed but the hardest to give. PR agencies understand that time is money and is therefore a precious thing, and that dealing with the PR agency is one of the many tasks that must be completed in a day. But the more communication there is between a client and their PR agency, the more successful a campaign will be.

2. Honesty - A client needs to be honest about everything with their PR agency. What style of work suits best? Is the positioning of the company in the media appropriate? What results are expected? The best way to be successful is for both the client and the PR agency to be honest with each other throughout the campaign.

3. Patience- It takes time and a lot of effort from both parties to create good results and build a reputation for a brand. But in order to be successful in gaining results and a good reputation, a PR Agency must first build a relationship with their client which takes time and patience – but the results are worth it in the end. Communication between a client and their PR firm is one of the best ways to ensure that a campaign is successful. Sometimes it may mean added work for a client but in the end the results will always be worth it.

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